Custom domain stuck on 'Waiting on DNS propagation'

I set up a custom domain (third party, unfortunately!) over 2 days ago now and the SSL/TLS certificate has been stuck on ‘Waiting on DNS propagation’ since. The website is all working apart from the https.

The Netlify url is and the custom domain is

Thanks for the help.

Hi @richgcook

There is an AAAA record for that is causing this issue

% dig AAAA 14401	IN	AAAA	2001:4b98:dc5:253::4

Remove this record, and everything should work itself out as expected.

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Hi @coelmay thank you so much for helping here. I’ve now removed this so fingers crossed. I’ll keep the post updated and close/mark as solved once confirmed.

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@coelmay You were right and all is good now. Much appreciated, again!

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Great to know it is sorted now @richgcook :smiley: