Custom domain propagation

Hi, I have a custom domain not from Netlify. The propagation is not working if I only point the Netlify IP address A record and CNAME. but when I changed the DNS settings it does work. I need my default DNS record settings though not the Netlify DNS settings. Can someone please explain why this is so confusing. Why it does not work if I only point the A record to Netlify IP address. It seems propagation with Netlify sites is common issue. Thank you

Without a better explanation of what you have tried, it sounds as though you are having a problem when using your registrar’s DNS. If those changes are not propagating, then this is not a Netlify issue, but rather an issue with your registrar’s DNS. You might try setting the TTL (time to live) lower until the changes propagate. If that’s not possible, you’ll just have to wait it out.

Some registrars offer a little notice to the user making DNS changes to the effect that such changes can take up to 48 hours to take effect. Is it taking longer than that?

hey keekom, what gregraven said, but also: we would need to know the domain before we can do any troubleshooting. Which site is this regarding?

Hi, this is the domain it got expired and when renewed on the same day the domain doesn’t work anymore I thought it resets all the domain settings. So I tried to redo as if going live the first time.
I pointed the Netlify IP address to a custom domain with A record and CNAME but it doesn’t work.
I tried to change the DNS config for custom domain with Netlify nameservers like then just less than an hour later it starts working but I had to remove the nameservers coz the client needs the custom domain nameservers for other use cases.
So why if I only use A record/CNAME is not working? until now, and yep it has been more than 48 hours.

I appreciated the response. Thank you!

Hi, this is the domain for the site
It has been more than 48hrs since I changed the A record and CNAME. Thank you!

I’m not seeing any evidence that your domain is pointed to the Netlify servers. Without those DNS entries – or at least, without them having propagated – your domain isn’t going to resolve. This doesn’t sound to be a Netlify issue but an issue with

Hi, @keekom, I’m seeing the following when I check this domain’s DNS configuration:		3600	 IN	A 3600	 IN	A 

Note, this is a not a recommended or supported configuration. For external DNS, our instructions can be found here:

For this domain the recommended setting are:		3600	 IN	A 3600	 IN	CNAME 

The IP addressed used above ( was previous used by our CDN. That IP address isn’t guaranteed. If it changes, the CNAME record will update when it does. That is why we recommend the CNAME record.

Note, when external DNS is used we also recommend making the primary domain the www subdomain and not the root/apex domain. This site is using the root/apex domain as primary while also using external DNS. Again, this is not recommended and the www subdomain should be made primary here.

If the DNS records are changed to the ones above (and the www subdomain is made primary) this will give the best site performance with the external DNS service.

Yep I figured out what the issue is, it is not Netlify issue. sorry about this I wasn’t aware that someone else were changing the settings of the domain. Thank you again! Amazing community!

Thanks luke! not Netlify issue. Sorry