Custom domain - Page only showing sometimes - page not found

Hi, I made a page and linked a custom domain Added the DNS servers on my GoDaddy account. Now the page only sometimes is showing. This morning first hour when visiting the custom domain the page showed normally, but now half an hour later, I get the error Page not Found again. It shows that using the Netlify DNS, and also on the HTTPS it got the green check to be enabled.

The DNS on GoDaddy are:

Not sure what to do anymore so the page will continue showing.


Hi, has it been 48 hours? This is likely a propagation issue and will solve itself after the 48 hour window.

[quote=“[Support Guide] Why do DNS / SSL changes take up to 48 hours to propagate? (TTL), post:1, topic:9359”]
) records are not taking effect. The answer to this often involves a core mechanism of how DNS fun

Thanks, it has been 26 hours. I thought it would take 24. But I will be patient than.