Custom domain is not loading

I set up a new custom domain. The domain was purchased from GoDaddy and I pointed the DNS servers to Netlify. I walked through verification steps and got the root domain working:

But when you search with www it just hangs and does not load - http://www.i

Any ideas?

I just hit both and and both are resolving correctly. The DNS on your end might take a bit longer to refresh its cache depending on how long the expiry is.

One thing is that currently your www domain appears to be redirecting to your non-www domain. If you’d like to configure your site to use the www domain only you can select the “make primary domain” option by clicking the “…” next to the www domain name in your sites domain settings.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Noel! I guess I should have waited a bit longer. Appreciate the tip on the primary domain.