Custom domain for deploy preview


I’d like to know whether or not it is possible for deploy previews to use my custom domain that I have set up with Netlify DNS. Having our deploy previews on our own domain is very important since our authentication system will only work on trusted domains, and we can’t add the netlify domain as a trusted domain since anyone can create a website on it. I have looked through similar topics but the answer hasn’t been very clear, someone suggested using branch deploys, which I did get working but the process of adding a subdomain for the branch is manual which is a deal breaker. And if we’re using branch deploys instead of deploy previews we would not be able to take full advantage of Netlify’s feedback tools like the Netlify drawer, right?

Appreciate any help!

You could use Netlify API to get that part going.

That is correct.

At the moment no, deploy previews are only available on Netlify domains.

You could setup another site which you could use to proxy to the latest deploy. Depending on your setup, this might or might not be a possible solution.

Is there a plan to enable PR deploy previews with collaboration to be accessible on custom domain?

Hey @ValeryG,

Sorry to say, there are no immediate plans as such as that would need a rework of a few setups, but feature requests for the same are already open.