Custom domain doesn't update but version does

Hi there!

As far as I can tell we are serving identical content on Portfolio | Darragh Mc Kay on every single CDN node, and we haven’t served files from any deploys except the most recent one since you deployed, as far as I can tell from our internal logs. Of course, since you have a redirect for /* we’ll serve your index.html for missing files.

So I think that one or more of the below is true:

  • something other than that path is the “wrong content” and you’ve sent us a link to where you see the wrong content, rather than where it’s hosted.
  • or you have some situation like a service worker that is misconfigured.
  • or your use of unnecessarily chunked/asset fingerprinted files causes an old tab to try to load an old file (more details in this post about that)

The second or third ones seem most likely, if you can fix with a cache clear. To fix the second one, check out this article: International Service Worker Caching Awareness Day

While I don’t see an active service worker on your site, it is still part of your most recent deploy. Perhaps you once had one active, and it needs to be deregistered from your local browser?

EDIT: we also have this useful article on service workers you might find helpful!