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CSS not getting loaded in prerendered website


CSS is not getting loaded on the pre-rendered version of my website.

See this (Using useragent as Google bot):

(The highlighted CSS is not getting loaded)

URL: https://thesaintsofindia . com
(The system is not allowing me to post this URL so I have added spaces)

Thanks and regards

Also, I do not understand why “All quotes” button is not being shown as a link. I mean the href for that is missing in the pre-rendered version.

From what I saw yesterday, the HREF for all quotes was missing. Seems like you added it recently. As I have told before, pre-rendered result is cached for 48 hours. So check back after 2 days.

Same goes for CSS. Your new webpage is way different from what I had seen yesterday. So, the chances are the original CSS doesn’t exist anymore but they exist in pre-rendered version.