CSP header won't get updated to new value


on the “Deploy summary” view it is stated that in my case “2 header rules” were processed, but there is no way to see how the rules look(ed) like. It would be great to be able to see this here (or anywhere else that is) - like with the “… new files uploaded” where you can see which files were changed.
Link to the build-log page

The original issue of mine: I added a “_headers” file to the site ‘https://rahoff.netlify.app’, which accidentally contained faulty values. But now, even after correcting it, the old, incorrect headers are set. The specific headers are the CSP headers. You can find the “should-be” content here: https://github.com/tillhoff/rahoff.enforge.de/blob/master/output/_headers
One of the pages where a wrong CSP header causes issues: https://rahoff.netlify.app/schmuck/ringe/eichenstein/

Is there something I’m missing?
Would be great to receive help on that <3

Also, should I create a dedicated feature request for what I described in the first paragraph?

Best regards

hi @tillhoff ! i have moved your post to the feature request category, as you are already describing the thing you are hoping for in some nice detail. I will try and get some :eyes: on it to see if we have a workaround or more information for you.

Hi, perry! Thanks for checking in. Do you have an update on this?

Meanwhile I was able to resolve this myself: I had the CSP headers defined in the _header file AND the netlify.toml. The netlify.toml overrid the _header file btw.
But in the netlify.toml it is possible to write the CSP over multiple lines, which helps maintainability - therefore I removed the _header file and everything works now.

Some hint in the GUI would be great though…