CORS headers intermittently missing

CORS Headers are intermittently not set on geoip based redirect responses. This seems to happen more frequently after a deployment, but can happen at any point.

One example request that failed was at approximately 2021-03-17T16:28:16Z with x-nf-request-id of “1f5c8232-72a6-4f67-a6e9-833f8ec25bb1-30140827”. The response is correctly set as a redirect, but is missing the CORS headers, making it unusable on our frontend.

Hey there,

That’s a request which resulted in a 302 to a country-based URL; there’s no other service involved.

I do see a redirect to an external service (second to last rule in your redirects) but this is to a different path.

I’ve also shared this same response in your Helpdesk ticket and I would encourage you to reply there :slight_smile:

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