CORS error requests from browser on the Developer plan

I am new to Netlify, and was wondering how I could handle this CORS error
I am getting with any project that uses the news api (just a simple fetch request):
code: “corsNotAllowed”
message: “Requests from the browser are not allowed on the Developer plan, except from localhost.”
App names:, js-dashboard.netlify.pp, ?
Didn’t find much info or tutorials on this issue.


Hi, @Nataliak. That error is coming from the site.

Our support team is able to troubleshoot issues with Netlify but our support scope doesn’t cover third-party services (like

This question is welcome here and someone else may answer you but our support team cannot assist with third-party services. It might help to consult the documentation about this.

I also found a StackOverflow post about this here:

To summarize, this is an error from the third-party service and it isn’t being caused by Netlify.