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Hi there,

I have my site live through Netlify at -

The only issue I am having is I am trying to connect my contact form.
This is through PHP - but I am wondering, does Netlify support PHP contact forms?
If not - what is the best option here? thanks!

It does not! Netlify hosts static Jamstack websites, so dynamic parts like php forms do not work. More about that here:

You can use Netlify Forms instead:


hi Lyle,

I am faced with a similar problem. Did you figure out a way around this by any chance?

Hi, @darkins. There is no way to run PHP after the build is complete at Netlify. We offer serverless functions and static file hosting but it is not possible to run an application server at Netlify.

Netlify does have a Forms feature were our service creates a backend form handler automatically:

If there are other questions, please let us know.

Thanks @luke, good to know about that PHP forms is not possible. I am using the netlify forms on another site, but can only check emails through the netlify UI. Is there a way to redirect the form submissions to be received in an email client?

Absolutely, you can set up multiple notifications per form:

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