Consistent cache issues for static files on Netlify without any deployments

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I’ve had my site deployed on Netlify for over four months and have encountered a persistent issue since the start. Despite understanding how caching works with Netlify, I’m experiencing frequent cache misses on all static files even without triggering new deployments.

My website uses code splitting, resulting in several static JS files that I prefer to be served from the cache whenever possible. The problem isn’t that these files are never cached, but rather that they seem to be removed from the CDN intermittently.

For example, the first time I access the website, the files get cached, and the second time, they are served from the cache as expected. However, after a couple of days, I get cache misses again despite no deployments occurring in between.

Does anyone have insights or solutions on how to maintain the cache for these static files consistently?


This is expected. Reasons why include:

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Thanks for your response. I do not see anything that specifies that the cache would be purged even if no deployments are done. I have not modified the default cache-control headers and yet they keep getting removed without any deployments. Any suggestions on how I can ensure the content remains cached once cached until the next deployment? The size on these JS files are very small as well and so is the traffic.

The most likely is the first:

Especially when you say:

If the file is infrequently requested from a CDN node, it is removed.