Configure site DNS through API

Hello world,

I’m trying to configure site DNS through API but it seems that there is no ways to provide the new configuration as request parameter.
Does someone know the process to update DNS configuration through API ?
Is it even possible ?


I saw that exists but is not described in swagger file (
How can we use this route from go library ? Because this library is generated from swagger file.
Do I have to update the library by hand ? Will you update swagger file then generate go library again ?

Hi @Nigui! You almost found this issue which describes the problem: . So to answer your last question first, someday we will update the swagger file but not sure how soon since you are only the second person to want to use that functionality ever as far as I know :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how you’re using swagger, but the API call does work. You can still find and make calls the same way our API does as mentioned here: [Common Issue] Understanding and using Netlify's API