CloudFlare Workers

It appears that Cloudflare is getting into hosting static websites on their edge servers:

From what I gather, you can include API calls and form processing, and there is some mention of making your static site more dynamic, although I haven’t read about that yet.

The process for setting up and maintaining a static site via CloudFlare Workers seems much more involved than using Netlify through GitHub/GitLab, and I’m not seeing any mention of SSL. They did just announced it yesterday, though, so maybe there will be more to come.

The interesting part (to me, at least) is that their “unlimited” package allows up to thirty “worker scripts” for $5 a month. I have no idea what a worker script is.

The point is that while I deeply appreciate that Netlify lets me spin up endless websites for free, $5 per month for a bunch of websites is not out of the question, and if it ensures that Netlify survives (and thrives!), it would be well worth it, IMHO.

@gregraven, I’m not sure that I understand. Are you asking for Netlify to start charging for our Starter plan?

If so, is this because you are concerned we will go out of business if we do not start charging more? If so, we appreciate the kind thoughts and we want to assure you that we are not in any danger of going out of business anytime soon.


Not necessarily charging for the starter plan, but it seems that there is a big step between the starter plan at zero dollars per month and the Pro plan at $45 per month. If you guys are good with it, so am I.