Client Side Routing not working on Netlify

I tried deploying a React application on Netlify with client routing, but Netlify says the ‘404’ page was not found. This is not the first time stuff as this happens, I have deployed 2 client-side applications with proper routing that worked here but the latest deployment is not working. I really thought it was my application, so I checked all the files but no error, and I deployed to Vercel and it worked!. Please this should be resolved.

I will be glad if this is solved so I can move my applications here. Thank you. I await solutions.

hi there, do you have a redirects file? can you tell us a little more about how you are doing your routing? thanks.


Were you able to resolve the error? I have been facing the same issue. I have installed gatsby-plugin-netlify, added gatsby plugin in netlify.toml file. Yet, all the client side routes render 404 page.

@sandy_sohail, no duplicates please: Gatsby client-side pages return 404 error - Support - Netlify Support Forums

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