Changing server location


I am building a Nextjs + Headless WordPress site.

It fetches data (posts and page data) from a server located in the UK, via WPGraphQL.

In development mode and only local machine it is working fast and without issues (still fetching data from a remote UK-based server).

But once deployed to Netlify, a small 5-post GraphQL request will take a few seconds to return a response. Larger queries will overload server.

Could this be the problem with server locations for Netlify build? Is it possible to change the region to the UK?

How come the local dev version fetches data in seconds, and production is so much slower?

Any help is much appreciated.


Hi @dimitryvolos :wave:t6: : , thanks for reaching out!

There’s a few reasons this could be happening caching, or the location for the server. Is your site using functions?