Changes to Redirects with query string parameters are coming

@Scott thanks for the help, adding that parameter in does break the loop and having the null=null in the url should be fine for my current use case. Thanks!

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I am attempting to configure a simple redirect which takes path parameters and exposes them as querystrings.

The configuration looks as follows and by my understanding should work

    from = "/api/meta/:symbol/:tokenId"
    to = "/.netlify/functions/meta?symbol=:symbol&tokenId=:tokenId"
    force = true
    status = 200

However when hitting the endpoint /api/meta/symbol/123 no querystrings are received by the function.
If I instead use /api/meta/symbol/123?symbol=sym&tokenId=123 they are.

Why does the redirect rule not correctly package the querystring values?

Hi @eddyoc,

To pass query strings like this, you’d need a 301 redirect. For example, you can check this out: Add any path to it like: and you’d see the query string received by the function. It’s just doing JSON.stringify(event.queryStringParameters).

If you don’t wish to expose your function endpoint, you’d have to do another 301 back to the page that called it, but you probably won’t be able to return a JSON response this way. The recommended way to use query parameters with functions is the way you have already mentioned.

You can just do /api/meta/?symbol=sym&tokenId=123 and the query string will be received by the meta function.

I had this simple rule

/* fbclid=:fbclid /:splat 301!

to manage the mess that facebook adds to the url, but now it is no longer working in some mobile browsers ( firefox, chrome) although it works in brave.


There is a workaround for this to work again as expected?

Hi @samarul,

Did you try this:

Hi @hrishikesh,

Yes, I tried this, but this is not what I am looking for as it adds something to the URL and thus my analytics are changed. So I have and for the same URL

Hi @samarul,

Unfortunately, that’s the only way for now as we can’t make an informed decision on whether a user wants to remove the strings or not.

I’ve suggested what I think might be possible (add a configuration option to the TOML file), but waiting for the developers’ comments on it.

Even with that, I don’t know if/when this will change, so till then, you’d have to work with the extra string.

Any updates on how to remove the unwanted query strings in a “non-hacky” way?

I’m trying to redirect from to in my netlify.toml file

My approach:

  from = "/*"
  to = "/:splat/?success"
  query = {oauth_token = ":token", oauth_verifier = ":verifier"}
  force = true

This kinds works…it results in But how can I remove the ?success?

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There’s no other way (except JavaScript) at the moment.