Changes Netlify site is not syncing with changes recently made and pushed to Github

Hello Netlify support!

I am working on a school project with my team. We recently made changes, created a PR and then merged the PR to our main branch. We then visited our Netlify site, and it says it redeployed with the most recent github changes. But when we open the site, it seems the changes are not there, and it is not functioning as it should be. I’ve checked the source code from the Netlify site, and it does not have the changes in the code.

Here is our site:

In the deploy console, I don’t see any errors.

Please let me know what you find, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


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Can you elaborate on what the changes are that you are not seeing implemented?

Here is my code:

These are the changes that should have synced.

I believe the change is there. I can see the push() item to cart in the production JS which didn’t exist in the earlier commit.

function s(t) {
  let n = a('so-cart') ||
  e('so-cart', n)

However, there is Bad Resposne error in the console.

Sounds similar to what I’m reporting here: Stale site after rebuild - #2 by luke

Oh, you’re right. The changes are there. Weird, I’ll have to look into that error…

I’ll give that a try, thanks @TerjeNorderhaug

It turns out our issue was unrelated. Our situation was with a course assignment at my University. Our assignment wasn’t meant to work properly in Netlify yet, but the instructions never specified that, and my professor ended up having to tell me.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your time!

I’ll let you know if our situation changes.