Changes in _redirects

i have a valid _redirect file and it was working. But i have changed something and after deploying the changes will not work. But everything like before changing. I can delete the redirect file completely and the rules are still working. What I am doing wrong. It seems like the redirects will not be updated no matter deleting or changing rules.

Something I have not understand?

Hey Rupert,

I’ve got a handy redirects guide for you here. It’ll talk you through what to check for to see if rules are present and a few of the more typical pitfalls. Please, give this a read and let me know if anything helps! Otherwise, we can take a look together.

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thank you really much for your answer. In my case this worked for me I can't make redirects happen. I have read, I have tried and it did not work
(…Pretty URLs in the Asset Optimization…)

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Perfect! Thank you for providing the link, too!

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