Changed dns to go to netlify, and email is down, says limit reached. what do i do?

Email is down for the whole company I need help now please! I think they reached the limit on emails sent through the system. They have custom emails through another company and I added the mx records to netlify. How do I increase capacity for emails? I removed the domain from netlify and reset their name servers so it hopefully goes back to the way it was for now while i figure this out

Hey there, sorry to hear you are having trouble.

As you know, Netlify doesn’t provide email accounts, so I’m not sure that it has anything do with us, but if you tell us which domain this is regarding we can take a look at your settings to make the sure the MX record is set correctly. If you JUST set the MX record, it can take some time propagate.

This sounds like an urgent issue, I assume you are also working with your mail provider on this?

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not sure who the email provider is, I was on the phone with their IT guy that handles that and they don’t know who it is. I am trying to find that answer. It’s a very urgent issue. So how does it work with a domain host transfer to netlify when they have a custom email domain? When I added the MX records from their IT guy, email was working, then email went down again with the error message saying email limit reached… So I’m wondering if it’s a netlify thing? it’s a static site, no servers involved so I’m wondering if that adds to the issue

here’s the netlify link:

I removed all the records and the domain from netlify and reverted to their old settings on their domain provider to hopefully fixes the email so they can function while I figure this out

Hi Ryan, can you tell us the name of the site please? We can’t troubleshoot if we don’t know the name of the site.

sorry i was just adding it when you posted. the actual website is - but that domain is with network solutions

i also added more information to my previous comment

Hi, @RyanFromWhidbey. First, to be clear, Netlify provides DNS hosting services but we do not provide any emails hosting at all.

You can configure the DNS records for your email service at Netlify. However, the emails services themselves are always hosted outside of Netlify. This might be Gmail, Zoho, email provided by the domain registrar, or any other third-party email service.

If you are getting “email limit reached” errors they can only come from your third-party email service and only their support team can assist with resolving that.

When moving to Netlify DNS, one common issue is not transferring “all required records” to Netlify. I put “all required records” in quotes to highlight that we don’t know what “all required records” are for your (or any other domain). That is something you must determine on your own as it is specific to whatever email hosting you are using and Netlify isn’t privy to that information.

Once you do have a list of all required records, it is important to copy them to Netlify DNS before making the name server record changes to finalize the switch to Netlify DNS.

There is more about this in detail here:

There is a section in the documentation above titled:

I did not copy my records before switching name servers and my email (or other service) stopped working. How do I fix this?

The answers in that section may be helpful in resolving this issue. If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

When we switched over to the new servers a couple weeks ago things looked fine, but it appears netlify was rejecting the DNS queries of the emails. Said something like too much traffic as I recall. We’re about to try and move them to netlify again and I’d like to make sure netlify isn’t blocking high volumes of DNS queries. They send hundreds of emails a day. Is this something I need to be aware of?

after further research Im thinking I’m running into an issue where my domain is making more than 10 DNS requests which shuts everything off. I have added all the records to my netlify website settings, can you take a look at it and let me know if I have redundant or unneeded records that is pushing my dns requests past 10?

Hi, @RyanFromWhidbey. I’m not aware of our DNS service doing any throttling for high query throughput. On the other hand, any DNS queries should be cached for the TTL value in the records so there shouldn’t be a need for repeated queries from the same host either.

If there is throttling occurring, it would be helpful to know more about that so we can troubleshoot.

What information points to the issue being throttling from the name servers used by Netlify DNS? Were there error messages returned from the DNS queries which stated this was the cause? If so, would you please post examples of those errors here?

In other words, what information supports this hypothesis?

Also, at this time, the domain is question is not using Netlify DNS. It is using the name servers below instead:

$ dig NS  +noall +answer

; <<>> DiG 9.10.6 <<>> NS +noall +answer
;; global options: +cmd 7199 IN	NS 7199 IN	NS

Did you disable the Netlify DNS for this domain?

Hi, I successfully transferred our organization’s MX records from Google Domains to Netlify. Emails are going through but, since the migration, we’re getting a ‘Be careful with this message’ warning within the GMail client when we’re emailing between members of the org. This is fine, but we’re obviously concerned about deliverability and actual clients receiving this message.

I know Google says that MX records take ~72 hours to propagate, but want to know if there’s anything incorrectly configured. Please advise.

The site’s name is Thanks for your help.

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