Change names of deploys

My every deploy us named ‘production’ can i change the name so that I know that what have I changed while rolling back to previous version

If you use Git, that No deploy message actually shows the commit name. I believe you could do something similar with CLI, though I’m not perfectly sure about that. But if you’re using drag-n-drop deploys, there’s no way to change that.

i dont want to make my code open-source therefore git is not an option for me… And can you drop a link of the guide containing CLI walkthrough in netify

Hi @Samrridh

There is no requirement that code stored with a git provider (e.g. GitHub) is open-source. Many projects are completely private. Storing with such a provider also gives a safe place to store projects in the event something goes wrong with your computer.

As for Netlify CLI here is the documentation you need

and you might find this relevant too