Certificat Let's Encrypt faillur


I try to use Let's Encypt for the website bunabet.fr the domain name is manage on OVH. The DNS is good, but when I launch Let's Encrypt That’s failled. I’m going to check on https://dnschecker.org/ and that’s ok too.
I’ve sent an email to OVH. They had explains I must clear the DNS on the OVH part. I do that, but that’s still failed.
On Netlify post I see I must change the A on OVH from to but failed again.
[Support Guide] Troubleshooting SSL certificate errors

So I’ve no idea where I must search to solve my problem. And I don’t know how to do a certificate by my self.

Hi @LaetitiaNatali,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums!

I see you’ve added a CAA Record to your Netlify DNS Zone here:

Could you try adding this CAA Record instead:

issuewild "letsencrypt.org"

The current CAA Record ( accounturi letsencrypt.org) I believe is preventing the provisioning of the SSL Certificate.

Thanks for your answer, I’ve remove the other bunabet.fr | 300 | IN | CAA | 0 accounturi letsencrypt.org to bunabet.fr | 300 | IN | CAA | 0 | issuewild letsencrypt.org the setting like your suggestion but that’s failed too.

Thanks for the answer, but your solution don’t work. Maybe I do an error on it ?
bunabet.fr 300 INCAA 0 issuewild letsencrypt.org

Hi @LaetitiaNatali,

Visiting the site, I’m showing that the SSL Certificate has been successfully provisioned:

Are you still having issues?

That’s work like a charm, I don’t understand why that’s don’t when I do that the first time, may be there was a lantency between the time when I follow your instruction and the propagation ?
Any way thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @LaetitiaNatali,

It may have been propagation, as I didn’t make any changes on our side. When I checked the site, the SSL Certificate had already been provisioned. Please do let us know if you have any issues.