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CDN/ADN nodes - where do we have gaps?

I’m seeing a few posts from people scattered throughout the forum who are mentioning that it would be great to have nodes in additional regions.

Comment below if you feel like you’ve identified where you think we have a gap - we want to know. (Do know that not all countries/governments make it easy/possible for us to add new nodes, but we will be working on this in the future).


South Africa / Namibia. I have developed a site for my brother living in Namibia, there have been quite some reports of the site not being reachable or being very slow there. Can’t confirm since I’m in the Netherlands, but I think there might be a bit of a gap.


Japan, definitely, as per my comment here: Slow Avg Page Load Time from Japan

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MENA, which is pretty broad, so perhaps Israel.

South Korea, though sadly our network costs are high.

Netlify seems to have a PoP in Tokyo, available only for Enterprise plans: Is there a list of where Netlify's CDN pops are located?.

This is an old post, but I would like to chime in for South Africa. We tried the Pro tier recently to see if it might help load times on our site, but our TTFB is always at the very least 400ms+, usually 600ms-800ms. This is a horrible experience and it means our static site loads virtually the same as a locally hosted WordPress site :roll_eyes:

We will be trying out local CDN’s in front of Netlify to see how much of it we can alleviate, we don’t want to give up on Netlify just yet as your continuous integration tools are extremely convenient


So were there actually plans to do something about this, or was it just a courtesy?

hey @slightlyfaulty - i responded on your other thread - didn’t want you to miss it.