Can't set redirect_uri with arbitrary scheme other than http and https

Hi I have a problem with your oauth2 implementation. I am making an application for iOS and I get an Invalid redirect_uri error when I try to log into the application. In the admin panel and upon request, I specify the same redirect_uri netlifyhub://callback

Hi,. @lisindima. Yes, only HTTP and HTTPS are supported schemes at this time. What scheme are you trying to use?

@luke Thanks for the answer, for my application I would like to use a custom scheme so that after successful authentication the application will open. I am trying to use the scheme MyApplicationName://callback

Hey there!

Am I right in assuming this is in relation to Netlify CMS? If so, you may find this topic rather useful!

This has nothing to do with Netlify CMS, I am making an iOS and watchOS app that uses your api to get a list of sites, builds and their logs. For this I need a user token, the only way I can get is using your oauth2 method. But iOS only supports redirect_uri with custom schema. It is needed for the application to explicitly determine what it should open after successful authentication. Is it possible to implement support for custom schemes in redirect_uri from your side?

Hi @lisindima,

It is not currently possible to use a custom schema with our OAuth feature. However, I have filed a feature request internally on your behalf. I donā€™t have an ETA but I have linked this topic to the issue so that it will be possible to notify here if and when it does get implemented.

Thanks for your patience.

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I found a small hack that allowed to successfully authorize users in the application. After successful verification, I released it to the AppStore