Cant deploy express node.js application to netlify

Ok so, basically what I’m having problems with is deploying a express node.js site, what I’ve done so far, is set the build command to npm start - npm start contains “node index.js” with this I’m starting the deploy, it all works fine, but… I have 2 problems:

1- I dont know what port netlify runs on so I cant make sure that my site is running in the correct area to display.

2- It never stops building, when I start the build it gets to here, and stays there forever.

Build Log:

Ive tried quite a few things and never seemed to be able to get this to work, all help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hi, @Ganoosh, the following guide explains this behavior in more detail:

Please take a look at the support guide above and, if there are other questions after reading that guide, reply here anytime.