Can't create new store in blob

subtle-crepe-f83d81 is site name

trying to use blob storage
can’t even create a store, let alone upload a file
using code generated by netlify bot:
const { getStore } = require(“@netlify/blobs”);

exports.handler = async (event, context) => {
try {
const siteID = process.env.NETLIFY_SITE_ID;
const token = process.env.NETLIFY_AUTH_TOKEN;

if (!siteID || !token) {
throw new Error(“Netlify siteID and token must be set in environment variables"”);

// Create a store
const store = getStore({
siteID: siteID,
token: token,
name: “clouds-001”
}, “clouds-001”); // replace "my-store" with your desired store name

// Use the store…

} catch (error) {
return {
statusCode: 500,
body: JSON.stringify({ message: error.message }),

You’re using all Functions in API v2. Blobs are automatically available only in v2. If you want to use them in v1, you need to use: netlify/blobs: A TypeScript client for Netlify Blobs (

how do i switch to using v2 in my functions

By referring to docs: Get started with functions | Netlify Docs

not to be ungrateful, but i’ve read the docs. this point was not at all clear. maybe just that i’m a beginner.