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Cannot see Large Media videos in production build


I’m currently building https://confident-leakey-32c43d.netlify.com/ for a client.

The home page is supposed to show a cover video but nothing shows up. It’s strange because it works fine locally.

I have followed the instructions to set up Netlify Large Media and have tracked all .mp4 files.

I’m using Gatsby for the actual building of the website and I’m importing all the videos in the relevant component.

Is there a fix for this? Am I doing something wrong?

hi @raglaks - i deleted your other topic on this issue so we don’t have a duplicate.

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@raglaks, I’m showing that video working well now but I also the video as being hosted outside of Netlify now.

Looking at the Netlify Large Media (NLM) configuration for this site, I don’t show any files currently tracked by NLM at this time. I do show NLM enabled for the site, but the instance is tracking zero files.

Do you still want to troubleshoot the NLM not working? If so, have you tried all the steps found on the topic below?


I ended up using an S3 server to serve the videos.

Thanks for the help, I think I’ll stick with this option.

Hi @luke

I’ve got all the requirements set up, but I would appreciate a bit of advice before pointing netlify at the repo. I’d like to play a video on the landing page. Temporarily using mkdocs and it works fine in local but I’m not sure where the best place to store things like pdf and mp4 files are. Can I keep them with in the docs folder? or should I keep them somewhere else, and what would happen if someone cloned the repo. All the files have been set up with git LFS tracking.

Hi, @chryket. There are a few things I want to clarify.

The first is that while Netlify Large Media (NLM) is a Git LFS storage service (and more), you are not required to use it if you are using Git LFS.

You can also use the Git LFS storage at your Git service (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) instead of using NLM if you prefer.

If you are using a third-party (non-NLM) Git LFS service, to download the actual files during the git clone, please set the environment variable GIT_LFS_ENABLED for your Netlify build environment.

Second, regarding where to store those files in the directory structure, I don’t think there is a right answer from the Git LFS perspective (NLM or otherwise). They should be stored wherever it makes the most sense for your project.

Similarly from the web-hosting/CDN side of things, I don’t think there are any performance differences which depend on which directory/path is used for LFS files.

Finally, regarding cloning the repo, one thing to consider is that if you use NLM your Netlify username and password are required to make a git lfs clone of the repo to get the actual files. You can git clone and get only pointer file if the repo is public, but to get the actual files from our service requires your credentials even if the repo itself is public. So, if you want other people to be able to clone your full repo including the actual contents of the LFS tracked files, then using NLM isn’t advised. This limitation won’t apply to public repos using the Git LFS service that the Git service itself provides.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thanks for your detailed answer. Exactly what I was asking.