Cannot create A record for site

I am trying to add an A record to my dns settings for my site:

My custom domain is Here is a screenshot of the error message.

I have no idea what the error means and would appreciate any help on this. thanks!

hi there, you should be able to delete the existing record and add a new record now. Let us know if you run into problems.

cleared cache and reloaded. Same error message appearing still.

sorry, where is the existing record that I should delete?


hi there, in the domain panel of your site you should be able to delete the existing A record and add a new one.

thanks Perry,
I don’t see another A record anywhere in my DNS settings. here’s a screenshot of my settings:

hmm, interesting. are you able to add one?

no, when I do, I get that error message that I shared at the top. Which is why I’m so confused.

What Perry was referring to were the NETLIFY records:

Once you remove those, you can add new ones :slight_smile:

Note that we don’t in general intend to host DNS for a domain if we don’t host any websites under the domain, so you may want to hunt for a new DNS host since you appear to be moving that domain totally off of Netlify.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I am keeping the website domain on Netlify but I have funnels and email that I am routing through the domain.