Cannot cache .git folder



Hi, I use netlify for deploying my gatsby site. I use for fetch post from remote git, and I also use for caching gatsby build cache.

Here is the problem. gatsby-source-git plugin clone git repo to .cache/gatsby-source-git/blog, it include .git folder in it, but when netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache cache the .cache folder, .cache/gatsby-source-git/blog/.git folder is gone, the other cache is normal, I don’t know why, and I try it at zeit platform, it works fine, log:

I don’t know it’s a netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache problem or netlify problem, is there someone know it? Thanks

Hi @theowenyoung, not sure if you are using the gatsby-cache plugin to also cache that .git folder. Perhaps, you’ll need to explicitly configure that since our buildbot won’t automatically cache a .git folder that is not the root of the repository.

Additionally, instead of having a nested git repository in your repo, have you considered included the other repo as a submodule (via git submodule add) which our buildbot supports natively?

Let me know if that helps.

Hi, I have to say that caching a .git folder is a more proper way for my case. so how to explicitly configure to cache the .git folder?

Thank you.

You could probably try using this: cache-me-outside. That package allows you to explicitly define folders to cache.