Cannot add environment variables when creating a new site

  1. Go to /start/repos
  2. Select GitHub integration
  3. Select any project
  4. Click Show Advanced
  5. Click New Variable

Site crashes with the following error message:

hi @nesvarbu, where are these steps coming from that you are describing?

this is how you would set environment variables in the netlify UI:


@perry I mean this “New variable” button:

Once I click on it the site crashes with a blank-black screen.

hi there, can you try adding your environment variables in the way we’re describing in our docs instead? that is the best approach to getting things to work on our system as designed :+1:

@perry does not seem like a practical solution to me. Now I want to add 10+ websites, so it would be quick and letting 10 builds fail (since they will miss required env variables) and waste build minutes does not sound like the best option. Since the button is already there, it should work?

hi @nesvarbu, if you add the environment variables as we are describing in our docs using the UI for the product correctly, you shouldn’t see failing builds. Are you sure your error is related to the environment variable?

@perry man, I don’t know how to show this even more explicitly, but this shouldn’t happen :smiley:

hey nesvarbu - i owe you an apology! I’m sorry, I misunderstood where you were seeing the bug.

That screen recording was helpful, thanks for making it!

You are right, this shouldn’t happen, and we’re gonna investigate, and we’ll follow up here when we can. Thanks again for pointing this out to us :bowing_man:

hey again! Good news from our frontend engineering team - they found the bug in how environment vars were being handled and we have rolled out a fix. Can you refresh the site, and try again? it should work much better now. If it doesn’t, please let us know! thanks again for pointing this out.

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That’s amazing. Thanks for the quick action.

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