Can we do a co-promotion of an Article that uses Netlify Identity for JWT authentication


My name is Bruce, and I am one of the DevRel engineers at Ably Realtime.

I recently wrote a blog post that uses Netlify Identity as a core part of a JWT authentication server. The objective of the article is to promote best practice when authenticating with our realtime product.
Identity was chosen because it makes user moderation very simple, (adding/confirming/removing) and more important for us, it that provides an opportunity to ban bad actors.

We would love it if you could promote the post on social media, and naturally we will be happy to do the same in return. Is this something you would be interested in?

Here is the post on our internal blog. Netlify Identity protects Ably apps from hacks | Ably Blog: Data in Motion
(Shortly we will push that to and medium)

It would be so awesome to do something together, your plarform rocks :smiley: