Can no longer make new forms in Vue

Hi there!

I am having the WORST experience attempting to make a new form for my site. I’m using Vue CLI and I have followed every rule to the tee, just like this guy here. Forms not working, Believe I follow every step

I even got forms to work before on this site and I wanted to add a second one.



		<input type="hidden" name="email" />

		<input type="hidden" name="number" />

		<textarea type="hidden" name="message" />

		<v-card color="transparent" class="pa-5">

			<v-snackbar v-model="snackbar" absolute top right color="success">
				<span>Message sent!</span>
				<v-icon dark>mdi-checkbox-marked-circle</v-icon>
			<v-snackbar v-model="snackbar2" absolute top right color="fail">
				<span>Message Did Not Succeed!</span>
				<v-icon dark>mdi-checkbox-flash-off</v-icon>

			<v-text-field v-model="" name="name" label="Name" required></v-text-field>

			<v-text-field v-model="" name="email" label="Email" required></v-text-field>

			<v-text-field v-model="form2.number" name="number" label="Number" required></v-text-field>

			<v-textarea v-model="form2.message" name="message" color="teal">
				<template v-slot:label>

So this works! And then if I copy it over to another widget, just change the name I get an error 404 and Netlify does not generate a new form…

Here is the WEIRD thing. I already had a couple forms in there, not sure where they are in the site since I only had one form but I just changed the name of the form to one of the ones already listed in Netlify and suddently submissions are received there. If my problems were solved there I would take the other name and move on, but everything inside that form is information is hidden.

So something funky is going on. I want to create a new form, nothing seems to work and I feel pretty roadblocked.

In case someone wants to see it, here is the github GitHub - Gene-Dana/supreme

And the netlify site is at the custom domain and I could really use a hand. I have done so many things to try and get these forms going!

Hey @geneyllanes,
Gah, I’m sorry to hear you are having such a bad time with our forms :frowning:

A few things: we don’t handle two forms on the same page well, so if you’re trying that, I would advise having only one form per page:

Can you say what you mean by it’s not working- the submitted form doesn’t appear in your forms dashboard in the Netlify UI? Or it does appear but the fields are incorrect?

In case it helps, I am linking some tutorials here:

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I had a feeling it had to do with the multiple forms per page. To complicate it further, I had one widget form that was called over numerous pages.

Whatever the case I figured it out ! I added a static hidden form into the public folder and I finally passed the form data over!

Sometimes just asking for help to a problem helps you solve it! Thank you fir your support !

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great! glad it is working now~!

Yeah, thank you. One form in a page works fine