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Can I use Netlify functions if I deploy using Gatsby Cloud?

My site uses Gatsby Cloud to build/deploy, mostly because so far it’s been much faster (6 to 10 minutes are opposed to 13 to 18 minutes on official website Netlify).

But I want to use Netlify for hosting, because I want to use Lambda functions to enrich the data my site shows from external APIs. But it’s telling me under the deploy settings that I have to enable Continuous Development to be able to use the functions.

So my question : is it possible to use Netlify functions while using Gatsby Cloud for deployments ?

Alternative question would be : is it possible I’m thinking about this the wrong way/overcomplicating it ?

Thank you !

Hey there, @Erin226 :wave:

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Apologies to be slow to respond here-- it looks like your thread has been quiet for a few days. Have you seen this documentation on the Gatsby site: Deploying Netlify Functions from Gatsby Cloud – Gatsby Cloud? Let me know if this helps!

Hey Hillary,

does this work with Netlify DEV as well? So can I make the ENV variables from my Netlify account available locally when using Gatsby Cloud in my build process?

Hi @janoschsworkspace,

I am not seeing the co-relation of Netlify Dev here. Could you elaborate on what exactly your workflow is?