Can I set `AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME` without having to use the UI

Is it possible to specify AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME in netlify.toml or some other way that means it can be set automatically and doesn’t have to be set via the UI ?
I’ve tried setting it in netlify.toml in a number of ways without success:
In [build.environment]
In [build] with environment = { AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME = "nodejs14.x" }
In [context.production.environment]
In [context.production] with environment = { AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME = "nodejs14.x" }

hi there @gearoid , thanks for your patience as we try and get you a response! I have asked someone who knows more about functions than i do to weigh in on this when they can.

Hi there,
Using environment variables directly as values in your netlify.toml file, for example key = "$VARIABLENAME" , isn’t supported. You can however use environment variables in any shell command.

You can find more details and an example in our docs: File-based configuration | Netlify Docs

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