Can I have a subdomain on Netlify with another application in the main domain?

Hi, I have a website in

I want to add a custom domain to it:

I already have a website in, which I can not disconnect

But when I try to connect to, it says that 401.

What should I do?

hi there @gabrielavtex,

welcome to netlify. My first question would be who (as in what service) manages the apex domain, so Is it Netlify DNS or a different DNS provider? You’ll want to make the DNS entries that are needed to connect the netlify site to with whichever service manages those domain name entries.

here are some relevant docs:

the name of the branch has to match the subdomain you want to create exactly, so in this case both need to be called bot.

i know this can be a bit confusing at first, so please let me know any questions you might have and we can try to help.