Button in netlify forms triggers Netlify function but doesnt send submit netlify forms


I have a netlify form on my website https://learningloop.com and a function that sends new sign ups to our marketing automation tool by triggering a netlify function. after i added the netlify function trigger to the button action, the form stopped submitting new inputs to netlify. the function works as expected.

my code (minus the tailwind styles)

<form name="sign-up" action="/.netlify/functions/drip-tagging" method="POST" netlify>
      <input type="email" name="email" placeholder="Your company email" required  />
      <button type="submit" >Join</button>

this is also causing recaptcha to become optional (got tons of bot sign ups who sign up without checking recaptcha box)

any thoughts on how i can better implement this?

@sinameraji That form now submits to the function, and not the Netlify forms system, which is why the function works as expected, but you no longer receive the submissions in the Netlify UI.

Instead of what you’ve done you could refer to the documentation for:

Which leads to: