Build Problem: Netlify dos not fetch all images from wordpress backend

We are developing a site with gatsby.js that is getting data from a worpress backend installed on bluehost.


  • Several Images are missing when deploying the site on netlify
  • There is no error in the deploy log
  • When running the site locally with gatsby develop or gatsby build, all images are there

How to reproduce

  • It seams that this problem happens more often once the total amount of images on the site grows
  • Currently we have around 200 images
  • The largest images have a size of 3000x3000px and a file size of 3MB
  • Aside from this, it is hard to find a specific pattern.
  • Sometimes it helps the delete the image in WordPress and re-uploading it. But then, some other image is missing
  • Find the deploy log here

** Live site**

  • Missing image in the third row on the left

My Setup

  • gatsby 2.13.29
  • gatsby-source-wordpress 3.1.9
  • git hosted on bitbucket
  • WordPress 5.2.3
  • WordPress hosted on bluehost

My development environment

  • OsX 10.13.6


  • Is there a way to debug the communication between netlify and bluest?
  • Is there a max bandwidth at netlify?
  • Any other ideas how to solve this

Thanks a lot!

Hi Niklas,

Wanted to mirror the answer I described to you in the helpdesk here for others to see:

We do not limit any bandwidth or outgoing connections (and their responses) during build. We have some customers who download over a gigabyte of data during build regularly. I guess if you have 100 Gb it might be a challenge to finish in the time we give you, but I don’t think that is what you are seeing or the amount you are talking about.

To debug, have you tried running in our build image locally? That’s probably a good thing to try since:

  1. you can try multiple experiments more quickly
  2. you can try “re-running” the build to see if the images come through on a second try
  3. you can try to determine the pattern for what is happening

Let me know how it goes!