Build Plugins: Dropping support for Node.js 12

Node.js version 12 reached its official end of life on April 30th 2022. We already stopped the support inside our CLI on September 27th.
Now it is time to say goodbye to Node.js version 12 inside our build plugins. This change will allow us to use Node.js’s new features inside our codebase and apply important security fixes.

What are the impacts of this change?

  • If you run your build with Node.js version 12.x local plugins and plugins installed in a site’s package.json will automatically start using our system Node.js version (16.x at time of writing) instead of Node.js 12.
  • Running the build itself with Node.js version 12.x is still supported.
  • If you run your build with Node.js version 14.x or above nothing will change - your plugins will continue to be executed with the version they use now.

When do we roll out this change?

We will no longer support Node.js 12 for Build Plugins starting on December 5th, 2022.

If you have any questions, please let us know in this thread.


I have project in node 10.22.0 & Next 11 with SSR & SSG. I did added env var for NODE & NPM version but getting error for next runtime package build.
Warning: @netlify/plugin-nextjs will be executed with Node.js version 16.18.1
11:10:26 AM: The plugin cannot be executed with your defined Node.js version 10.22.0

Is there anyone help me to solve this?

@himanshu.koshti the warning message just indicates that we cannot execute the plugin with node version 10. This was already behaving like this before this change as Node 10 is below node 12.

See details about this in this older post:

The only point is we did not warn or log anything about that.
Now you get a warning message where we indicate this behaviour.

There are now 2 ways to work with this situation:

  1. Ignore the warning and if the plugin still works with the node version all fine

  2. Update your node version to be at least Node 14.14.x (I would recommend going to node 16.x)

    This can be achieved by multiple ways and you can read this up on our documentation page: Manage build dependencies | Netlify Docs

The option 2 is the preferred option. For further help it would be helpful to get a link to your deploy logs so that we can identify your problem better.