Build Plugin "Error: 'netlify-plugin-{x}' plugin not installed or found"

I have an issue that I can’t find docs for about the new Build plugins. I need advice to debug deploy

Hey Zach!

What does your package.json look like?

Is netlify-plugin-checklinks, netlify-plugin-subfont, and the netlify-plugin-image-optim in the package.json file?

If not, run npm install for each and redeploy. This should* fix this issue

Thanks for the report!

Hi @zachhardesty,

Thanks for reporting this.

The problem was Yarn Pnp, which is enabled in your package.json. The way Netlify Build was loading plugins was incompatible with Yarn PnP. We fixed the problem.

I cloned your repository and tried with and without the fix, and it looks like this fix should solve this specific problem. Please let us know if you’re still encountering some issues about this.