Build Plugin cache not actually cacheing anything?

I have a very simple build plugin that on PostBuild caches two directories and on PreBuild tries to load the two cached directories. However, the cache is always reported as empty on new builds.

Here are two back-to-back builds on the same branch (the second build triggered by a new commit to the branch that added a meaningless comment so as to trigger a cache-friendly build):

The complete plug-in under test is here:

I am confident that the directories to be cached do contain (a lot) of files as trying to list the cache contents immediately after cacheing led to this issue: Error with cache using build plugin: hangs when cache asked to list after store

Hi @ppannuto,

I believe this might be related to this bug with caching in deploy previews. We are looking into it and will come back to you as soon as this is fixed.

Thanks for the additional information, this will help us debug this problem!

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Exciting update: this has been fixed :tada:

The community post has more details: Build cache is now updated in Deploy Preview builds

Please let us know if you run into issues.

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