Build just hangs with no messages


so the clues are in there:

7:38:49 AM: success source and transform nodes - 10.834s
8:07:22 AM: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime

or, more specifically, in the time difference between these two timestamps.

Our regular maximum build time for a site is 15 minutes, and your build obvsly doesn’t complete within that timeframe.

I’m not exactly sure yet why not - you may have a lingering background process that never terminates and so we can’t complete the build.

More here:

The solution is to either a.) improve your build efficiency - this is where i would start.

Some more reading:

or b.) ask us to up your build time to 30 minutes. We can do this if there is a credit card associated with the account, so that we can automatically bill you for more build minutes, should you need them.