Build fails with ENOENT in a dependency during yarn install

Our site is failing to deploy PR previews. Specifically, when it runs yarn to install dependencies, we’re getting this error:

Link step
YN0001: Error: While cloning /opt/build/repo/packages/loot-core/node_modules/cross-env → /opt/build/repo/packages/desktop-client/node_modules/cross-env ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir ‘/opt/build/repo/packages/loot-core/node_modules/cross-env’

This is happening across multiple PRs and seems to have started happening yesterday. Clearing cache and rebuilding seems to generally fix the issue, but future commits to the same branch appear to cause the issue to reoccur.

Site name: Example build log: Netlify App

Hi @j-f1 :wave:t6: I see you were able to successfully deploy. Are you still experiencing this issue?