Build failing, unable to access Netlify logo image

Recently builds of my Afterglow developer guide have started failing, with a socket hang up during the netlify-plugin-checklinks phase, trying to access the image netlify-callout-vertical-color-accent for my footer, which thanks Netlfiy for providing this service. This used to work, and when I access that URL from my own machine it works, but somehow it is not working from the CI build machine, which causes the build to fail.

The site is afterglow-guide, and here is a sample deploy log showing the failure: Netlify App

Hey @DeepSymmetry,

I’m not sure why that would happen, because:

  1. The image loads fine
  2. You’ve disabled external images from being checked: Netlify App

If 's still being checked, I believe you should reach out to the plugin author.

I thought Netlify was the plugin author, and I doubt that the plugin is to blame because none of the many other images I link to seem to cause issues. Anyway, looking at the plugin repository I see a sea of unresolved issues. A faster solution for me, I guess, would be to just copy the image into my own assets directory in my repository.

For what it’s worth, I have now opened another issue with the plugin as well.