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Build failed after upgrading to Focal image

Build failed after upgrading to Focal image from Trusty. Netlify App

Could you try using a newer Ruby version if it’s possible? I think 2.7.2 is pre-installed.

I had a similar issue. Noticed that it built fine on Trusty and on Xenial, and that it was failing on Focal. Switching my .ruby-version to 2.7.2 fixed the build. Thanks!

I don’t want to change Ruby version, since that will very likely create a domino effect where some gems will stop working. How can I install a specific Ruby version in the image?

I don’t seem to have a file by that name. Where is it supposed to go?

just in the root of the project.

Setting a RUBY_VERSION = "2.7.2" environment variable worked, but 2.3.6 didn’t. Thanks @psi.

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