Bug in how the link checking add-on handles site.webmanifest

I currently use the link checking plugin to deploy my sites. I came across a problem with the link checker marking a deployment as failed when in fact it worked properly. I believe that your link checker is improperly assuming that the “src” property in the “icons” section is an absolute link ie from the root of the site whereas the specification for site.webmanifest icons says that the link should be relative the location where the site.webmanifest file is located.

In my case I have a hugo site and the icon is in the /static/icons/x.png. The site.webmanifest file is in the /static/icons/ directory. The src property for the icon should be just /x.png. In order to fix the problem I have had to override the src property locally with a src property like /icons/x.png. This is not correct according the specification for site.webmanifest files.

@digitalbricklayer None of this response precludes there being an issue, I’m just trying to understand.

When you say that the src property should just be /x.png, that’s not a relative URL, that’s a root relative URL.

The documentation on the link provided says:

The path to the image file. If src is a relative URL, the base URL will be the URL of the manifest.

So with site.webmanifest at /static/icons/site.webmanifest I would expect:

"src": "/x.png",/x.png

"src": "x.png",/static/icons/x.png

"src": "other/folders/x.png",/static/icons/other/folders/x.png

"src": "/other/folders/x.png",/other/folders/x.png

You are correct. Apologies for reading the spec incorrectly. I have posted a bug report with the theme authors and am about to create a pull request. Many thanks for your help.