Broken Jekyll 3.8.6 Support

Since the 9th of October, I have been having the following build error.

It’s pretty baffling because the configuration has not changed at all. Also, I have the build running smoothly on my local PC. Has anyone else faced this issue?

Hi Hao,

Can you link to one of your failing builds? Also you said nothing changed, Do you have builds going through with Jekyll 3.8.6?

Hi Gerald. Thanks for looking into this! So this is a link to a failing build, and this is a link to the last working build.

By nothing has changed I mean that all my builds have been going through 3.8.6 since the beginning.

It looks like your repo is private, did your GemFile.lock change between deploys? What was the change between your last successful deploy and the first failing one?

Nothing actually. It was a routine update regarding a spelling mistake…

I also just tried committing the lock file. I was ignoring it previously. This made no difference.

It turns out the solution was linked to the lock file. I committed and then the build log showed that the bundler version I was using was not the same one used for the Gemfile (2.0.1 -> 2.0.2) so once I fixed that it worked! Thanks for looking into this Gerald.

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