Breaking change to redirect query parameters

Our production traffic broke overnight on Nov 13-14 (CET) without us making any changes to our systems. After a lot of debugging we isolated the outage to be cause by Netlify percent-encoding query parameters when proxying them to our backend.

We’ve had the proxy rule in place for a couple of months without any problems, so we’re pretty sure this was changed around the time of our outage.

For a bit more detail: our backend protects certain resources using Nginx Secure Link. This involves adding an expires (irrelevant for this issue) and an auth query parameter. The auth param is a filename-safe base64 encoded md5 hash, basically using the dash (-) and underscore (_) characters instead of the more common plus (+) and slash (/).

Now here is our problem, the Nginx secure_link module doesn’t decode the query parameters, and therefore detects a mismatch of the md5 hash, returning 403 (Unauthorized).

I think percent-encoding the - and _ characters is not necessarily the right move, as they belong to the “unreserved set” of characters. The Wikipedia article on percent-encoding states:

Characters from the unreserved set never need to be percent-encoded.

Moreover, JavaScript’s encodeURIComponent() doesn’t encode - and _ either:

encodeURIComponent('hello-there') // 'hello-there'

We figured out that our frontend (running on Netlify) is not encoding the query parameters, we’ve confirmed this by running the frontend locally, and proxying to the backend using http-proxy. Our Nginx logs showed unencoded strings coming from the locally hosted frontend. So really all signs point to the Netlify redirects being the culprit here.

We’ve implemented a workaround on our end, but wanted to open this issue regardless, if anything to make you guys aware of the breaking change that was likely introduced.

I think it may be related to this release: Bug fixed: Proxy did not pass query string to target

I’ve asked the author to take a look when they are back online (which will be tomorrow at the earliest) to confirm this is an intended behavior change.

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@fool Hey that is great! Manually defining query params to proxy has been so awkward.

I’ve changed our redirects file to proxy all query params and it seems the bug described in the original post is solved! I guess that the original report is still valid if there are people that want to manually specify which query params to pass, but I don’t care about that :tada:.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:, Netlify is really amazing.

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Sorry for breaking it like that!
I will look into why our query encoding changed. Thanks for the report

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This issue is now fixed on all CDN tiers. Thanks for the patience.