Branch subdomain for alias


We have a web app.
Let’s say it is and
We also have branch deploys and subdomains like and

Now we need to add few aliases for our app. We added and it points to so this is correct.

But urls and are not working.

Could you please help us to configure it correctly?

Does the section on Branch Subdomains in the docs not help?

@gregraven No, there is nothing about branch subdomain for alias.

Hey @m.demydiuk, can you explain what you’re trying to achieve? Do you want to show what you’ve pushed to

Hi @jen , yes, this is exactly what we need. Why?:slight_smile: We provide our product to few customers. Each customer has it’s own domain, but the app is one. So, primary domain is for main version of the app, let’s say But also we need domains for our partners like, And each partner should have its own staging/acceptance subdomain. Because partners don’t know about each other. I hope it makes sense now :slight_smile:

It’d be great if you could send your actual Netlify URL so we can poke around your settings. In the meantime, I’ll share @luke’s guide to setting up branch deploys:

I know you said that your branch deploys are already working, but if you’re trying to redirect, say, to and those are branch subdomains instead of actual subdomains, you’ll want to revisit the real URLs of those sites. I believe they are more like and I’m not positive that redirects like that will even work, but that’s where I’d start. And once you share you’re URL, that’ll help us further troubleshoot if you run into issues!