Blank form submissions?

For some reason we’re getting blank form submissions to our Netlify form. We use a honeypot field to make sure bots aren’t just spamming content, which works nicely, but now we’re getting direct submissions that are going around our frontend validation.

We’d prefer not to have to implement Captcha to annoy our users – but we got a good 8 blank submissions today. We’d love to see a required field from Netlify’s side that would allow us to at least stop the notification / zapier hooks on form submissions.

Thanks for the great product!

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hi @Vaporware! Have you tried following our forms debugging post to help you troubleshoot your issue?

Typically, a blank submission means your inputs don’t have name attributes. Hope that helps.

Hi Dennis, if you check out that account and old data, you’ll see that the entire submitted data was blank – we did not receive any data! We also received a submission every 5 minutes – which makes us think it’s a bot from Ukraine (via IP) – whenever we manually submitted / tested the form, it worked just fine.


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