Blank form submission that should be impossible!

We have been using netlify forms for months with no issues. This week, we got a blank form submission. This shouldn’t be possible, as we have form validation that doesn’t let you submit unless you enter some minimal information, so I’m pretty baffled (see attached screenshot comparing a minimal example submission vs the blank one we got).

Any ideas or hypotheses on how I can debug this would be really helpful. I tested it myself again and it seems to be working normally.

Our site is at:
The form is hosted at:

Hey @matth,
To be totally honest, I’m not sure how this happened! It does look like you have the form validation that would prevent empty submissions from the site’s “front door”. It’s possible that this was submitted by a bot (which wouldn’t use the UI) and not caught by Akismet? Could you let us know if this continues to happen?

For sure, if it happens again I’ll update this thread and see if I can find more info. Thanks!

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@jen it happened again! This time I have one more clue to share, which is that the “reply to” field on the email notification I got was, whereas if I get a legitimate submission the “reply to” field will be the email entered. Is there any more digging you can recommend to help figure this out?

This is expected; if we don’t get an “email” field submitted, that’s the default we use.

So, this still feels to me (I worked with Jen on their answer) like a robot is posting without filling in the fields, which is totally allowed (we do not enforce the validation; only browsers do).

Thanks for confirming, we’ll need to figure out a solution if we keep getting these. We do have a bot honeypot field set up, but it seems that bot is smart enough to not fill that in.

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Yup, the honeypot field is pretty easy to work around. Two possibilities if this is important enough to you to spend some dev time:

  1. consider adding the recaptcha to your site:
  2. if that isn’t easy or functional, you could use a function to actually submit the form submission after verifying that inputs match what you want.

Thank you, makes sense

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